Minerals in your life

Titolo: Minerals in your life
Autore: EuroGeoSurveys
Illustratore: Simona Binni
Editore: EuroGeoSurveys
Formato: 23×23; 196 pp a colori
ISBN: 978-90-9028-147-6

minerals in your life p28 300x150 - Minerals in your life

An adventurous story that unravels the importance of minerals in your daily life.

This educational book combines a hilarious comic strip storyline with an extensive description of minerals, along with stunning images. Through one adventurous day of the cartoon protagonist, Norman, we find out the minerals used in very common objects of our everyday life, from paper to shampoo, from a bike to a television.

minerals in your life p34 300x150 - Minerals in your life

Fifty-one top expert geologists contributed to communicate the fascinating qualities of each mineral, for a total of 30 minerals. Whatever curiosities you may have about minerals, “Minerals in your life” satisfies them with an approach that it is as scientifically precise as entertaining.

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